At SleepX, our mission is to help Australians improve their health through quality bedding.

We know that sleep is an essential pillar of good physical and mental health, of equal importance to exercise and nutrition.

Unfortunately, 4 in 10 Australians are not getting adequate sleep, and the effects on the country’s wellbeing and economy are significant.

SleepX provides the tools required to make up Australia’s sleep debt.

Engineered for high-quality sleep

Working with industry partners and a leading Australian university, SleepX designs bedding solutions based on the latest research and technology.

The materials we use have been linked to:

  • Higher percentages of deep sleep
  • Higher percentages of sleep efficiency
  • Higher comfort levels
  • Lower risk of developing pressure injuries

Designed and made right here in Australia

We keep a close eye on quality to ensure we consistently deliver the very best night’s sleep.

The materials used in SleepX bedding are also produced locally, through environmentally-sensitive manufacturing processes.

Local production gives us increased agility and customisation capacities. SleepX mattresses are roll-compressed and box packed for optimal transport and movability.

This means we can efficiently deliver bulky items to remote locations and tight spaces.

Kind to you and the environment

SleepX products are made with our customers’ and the planet’s wellbeing in mind. All foams used in SleepX products are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified.

We use sustainable materials and processes to ensure Australia gets a great night’s sleep without harming the environment.