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Students & Mental Health

We’ve long known about the detrimental effects that high levels of stress, pressure and financial insecurity can have on students. However, only in recent years have we started examining the impact of these factors on students’ mental wellbeing.

In 2017, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Orygen, released a report on the mental health of Australian university students. It found that at least 1 in 4 university students aged between 15 and 24 will experience mental ill-health in any given year.

The previous year, Headspace also conducted a national survey into the mental health of Australian students. It revealed that two-thirds of students surveyed reported high or very high psychological distress over the past 12 months.

67% of Australian students surveyed rated their mental health as poor or fair.

National Tertiary Student Wellbeing Survey 2016. Headspace, National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Students & Sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep is especially important for university students. Those aged 18-24 are at a stage of development where important biological and social changes are taking place. Healthy sleep is therefore critical to physical and mental wellbeing during this time,

Sleep also affects our ability to learn and process new information, and impacts how we store this information. Therefore, poor and insufficient sleep has a negative influence on academic performance.

Most importantly, a lack of sleep is also identified as a risk factor which can result in, or exacerbate, mental ill-health and psychological distress among university students.

Over 60% of university students report poor quality sleep.

Sleep Patterns and Predictors of Disturbed Sleep in a Large Population of College Students. Journal of Adolescent Health.

Link Between Mental Health & Sleep

Though the relationship is complicated, most experts agree there is a direct link between an individual’s mental health and their quality of sleep. In fact, Harvard Health Publishing states that the two are very closely connected: sleep deprivation affects your mental health, and those with mental health problems are more likely to have insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Sleep and Mental Health: Sleep Deprivation can Affect your Mental Health. Harvard Health Publishing,

However, the opposite is also true – healthy sleeping habits can help improve mental health and wellbeing. In fact, consistent quality sleep helps manage stress levels, balances hormones, and helps us process and retain new information.

Students with insomnia have significantly more mental health problems than students without insomnia.

College Students: Getting Enough Sleep Is Vital To Academic Success. American Academy of Sleep Medecine.

How We Can Help

SleepX bedding is designed to improve sleep quality. By using technologically-advanced, science-backed materials, we can help students get the quality rest they need for their wellbeing and success.

As well as improving sleep quality, SleepX mattresses are

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